Kamal case: justice of Nice on the hot seat again

Posté lun 18/06/2001 - 00:00
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"For the first time, the federal justice has provided politic asylum to a French citizen. They have considered that Karim Kamal has been victim of reprisal of the "judicial system" because he accused "French high officials" of being involved in paedophilia acts committed on his daughter". Le Monde has largely mentioned the new episode of a case which started in the Alpes-Maritimes in 1993 and which has resulted in the historical decision of an American judge to provide politic asylum to Karim Kamal, a French citizen of Moroccan origin who lives now in the United-States. Such a decision, which had been taken in December 2000, has been kept secret until now and has been blocked by a federal judge of Los Angeles a few days ago.In the article "Etats-Unis : un Français obtient l'asile politique" you can read the facts of this custody case after a separation with conflicts. However, the daily puts a new interrogation on justice of Nice forwards. This decision of an American judge "marks another confirmation of alarms launched by the attorney of Nice, Eric de Mongolfier, against the influence of "occult networks" over judicial cases on the French Riviera and repeats recent discovers in which is involved the senior examining judge of Nice, Jean-Paul Renard, suspected of having transferred confidential pieces of information to a Masonic lodge which he was a member of", Hervé Gattegno, the author of the article, writes.

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