La Tribune: what is the solution to provide accommodation for new comers?

Posté mer 02/05/2001 - 00:00
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The lack of accommodation offer to sell as to rent is threatening the economic development. This is the title of an article by Michel Bovas, published in La Tribune of November 29th 2000 and untitled "The French Riviera can't find accommodation anymore for its new comers". Estate agencies in Antibes, area close to Sophia Antipolis, put "Nothing to rent" on their windows. In Beausoleil, which serves the employment area of Monaco, three-roomed flats from 12 000 francs to rent and sell prices of new flats which skyrocketed over 20 000 francs per square metre: the Riviera seems to get back to the eighties when prices soared beyond the workforce's salaries. (see in the article "Real estate: everything is put together in order to make the prices increase!")."Big companies in Sophia Antipolis don't succeed to find accommodation for their executives, whereas they are ready to pay high rents and the situation is even worse for the local workforce," notes Eric Espargillière, the person in charge of the estate agency in Antibes mentioned by "La Tribune". The correspondent of the economic daily paper concludes: "the situation penalizes companies wishing to set up in the county. The paucity of accommodation, after the paucity of premises and of skilled labour force could really cut the growth and employment dynamism.

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