Large families in Nice and report in Cannes (L?Express)

Posté ven 02/11/2001 - 00:00
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This week, L’Express has focused on Cannes and Nice. In Cannes, they have interviewed the new mayor Bernard Brochand about what he discovered when he had the head of the city which has been managed by Michel Mouillot in the beginning of the 90’s. Bernard Brochand, who is the former boss of DDB Worlwide, the second advertisement agency in the world, makes a catastrophic report of what he found, particularly in terms of security (see the article "Les étonnantes découvertes d'un nouveau maire"). The article also mentions Michel Mouillot, who has become representative for a Canadian company which sells icebergs in boxes. It also deals with the eternal case of the Palm Beach with a 175 million franc commission which would have been given to “Dédé the sardine”, who was already involved in the Elf case. A real gangster film in the most beautiful bay of the world.In Nice, the magazine has focused on large families: the Cauvin-Coco family, the owners of Coco Beach, the Charnacé-Roissard de Bellet’s, wine growers, the Grinda’s, hotel owners, the Médecin’s, Nicoletti, Lattes, Stellardo, etc. Ten large family portraits which story sums up the one of the fifth French city between Povence and Piedmont.

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