The last Lyon-New York daily flight took off on Saturday

Posté lun 03/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Lyon-New York flight service is over now. The last direct daily flight departing from Lyon to New York took off on Saturday September 1st. The Data Airlines company, considering that the airline was not profitable, had decided to close it last May. The airline was launched on April 15th 2000 and was operated together with Air France. It is a new try which thus fails. In 1989 already, and then in 1990, American Airlines had also opened an airline in partnership with Air France and then, had closed it, because it was not profitable enough. This time, the air occupancy rate was reaching 70% at the beginning, and fell at 45% at the beginning of the year (it hardly increased during summer time). Nice-French Riviera airport also remains the only province French airport to keep a direct airline for New-York, operated by Delta Airlines, together with Air France.

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