: presents its accounts

Posté ven 30/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin (see article Sophia: and delusions of Internet grandeur') mentioned its difficult transition from Trader, world leader of classified ads on paper to, a big name for ads on the Web. Moreover, the group announced for the year 2000, a net loss of 135 million euros for a turnover of 355.7 million euros. In La Tribune, an article untitled /">' monte malgré des pertes multipliées par trois'(' grows despite losses trebled') focuses on this presentation of a company's accounts, which is listed on the stock market since March 31st 2000.'Surfing on the Internet trend, the security was first listed at 30 euros on March 31st 2000. Since then, it lost nearly 80% of its value, it was reminded. The article also mentions the difficult entry in the Internet world and the restructuring launched by Didier Breton, chief executive officer since summer 2000. He asserted that the obsession is to redress the group's operating margins very rapidly as well as the Internet pole, which should reach the balance in 2002. Estimated 'colossal, too high', investments in IT will be halved this year: Poland only have 10 computer experts now against 40 last year; the centre of Sophia, 9 against 60.'

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