Laundering : negotiations between Monaco and France as soon as January

Posté ven 05/01/2001 - 00:00
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Some interviews will occured on the tricky question of what measures to take to struggle against dirty money. The Treasury Department expects concrete measures within six months.

Some negotiations will take place between Monaco and France about the question of what measures to take to fight against money-laundering, a question which has weakening the relations between the two States for more than six months. So, Monegasque Authorities have confirmed that ' interviews will take place as soon as this month with members of the French Treasury, Finance and Industry Departments because of a report on economic and financial relations between France and the Principality which has been published by this Minister on October 10th 2000.'Moreover, the release of Monegasque Authorities is very careful. ' These interviews will allow to bring into focus, according to that report, and to communicate useful pieces of information about the present reality of situations that have been described and, if it is justified, to take preoccupations expressed in the text into account by deciding measures that would have to be taken within appropriated delays.'It is also written that Monaco will be represented by Franck Biancheri, a government councillor for Finances and Economy.The French Treasury Department has indicated hat France would be represented by two inspectors of the department for financial matters, Philippe Rouvillois and François Cailletea and that negotiations 'should lead to concrete measures within a six month maximum delay'.

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