Le Figaro: Le Floch-Prigent tackles Elf

Posté lun 18/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Le Figaro of May 18th publishes a scoop in the Elf case: the interview of Löic Le Floch-Prigent, who was CEO the petroleum group who risks five years of prison (verdict next May 30th). In this interview, that you can consult as well on the daily online site (("Exclusif : Le Floch-Prigent s'explique sur l'affaire Elf"), Löic Le Floch-Prigent defends himself by explaining that he had been put in "a nest of vipers and that he had never been able to control the whole stuff and particularly everything which dealt with occult commissions."This morning, the conclusion was on radios. "In September 1989, I mentioned it to the head of the State, François Mitterrand, because I considered this system as a real danger. He only answered me that we had to continue what General de Gaulle had decided. And I'm convinced that this system did not change, despite the privatisation on the company", the former CEO of Elf declared to Le Figaro. In brief, according to what he declared, the highest level of the State would has been involved for a long time until now…

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