Le Monde : Etexx as an example of marketplace

Posté mer 18/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

In Le Monde Interactif of April 18th 2001, an article about marketplaces, with an example which focuses on one of the most advanced marketplaces on the Riviera, the Etexx company, set up in the Arénas. In the article "Etexx facilite le négoce de tissus", they explain the “business world” : subscription for buyers and on-lining of catalogues for providers. Very likely as well : the “computer hand-sewn for textile” with the sell of software bricks for the automation of customer relations (order service, available goods at the provider, etc.).Single problem for Etexx which has accumulated successes (objective of 20 million francs of turnover in 2001 and 80 employees) : the finalization of the investment. The company intended to raise 18 million euros (around 12 million francs) in November 2000. Frédéric Allard, the CEO, has had to revise the amount downwards (8 million euros) and expects to finalize this new fund raising within three months.

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