Le Monde: Microsoft escapes from the dismantling

Posté ven 29/06/2001 - 00:00
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"Microsoft is nearly sure to escape from the fate endured by AT&T, dismantled in 1984 for violation of the antitrust law, says Le Monde, which comments in the article "Microsoft escapes from the dismantling, but not from abuse of monopolistic position" the verdict of the federal court of appeal concerning the Microsoft trial. This court, indeed, quashed the sentence of the trial judge, on Thursday June 28th, thus condemning the worldwide number one software to dismantling. However, Bill Gates' company isn't dismantled for all that, and still with the etiquette of the monopole, could have to face years of contentious, mentions the daily newspaper.Bill Gates said about the verdict that it was a nice victory for Microsoft. The founder of Microsoft estimated that the matter was now "much more limited" and concerning the stock exchange market, it seemed to have already bet since the beginning of the year on the good future of the security: the quoted price of Microsoft has thus increased of nearly 70% since January, notes as a conclusion Sylvie Kauffmann, the author of the article.

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