Le Monde : recruitment difficulties in Sophia

Posté mer 25/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"The Sophia Antipolis sun is not enough to attract young talents" : that is the title of an article of Le Monde newspaper, about the difficulty to recruit in the first European research park. Bruno Aubry, the regional correspondent of the daily, has focused on Amadeus, on the association of the Telecom Valley, on the Sophia Antipolis Foundation, on Sophianet.com, on AG Consulting. Conclusion : "because of a lack of applicants, companies on the research park are compelled to raise their bid in order to recruit the gems or to go abroad to recruit some of them". Examples of the Telecom Valley which launches a new e-recruitment operation next May 31st, of Amadeus and the INRIA which are recruiting people from India, of the Foundation which launches a Franco-Indian club. Not to mention what companies are offering in order to attract the best ones. Stock-options, official cars, formation, mutual company, complementary retirement pension, etc… : now, these are arguments have to be added to the single sun of the Riviera…

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