The leading firms in telecommunication gathered in Nice

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About 100 firms dealing with telecommunication will be in Nice on July,8 to 15 to show their new products about telecom and multimedia.

All the leading firms in telecommunication will meet in Nice Acropolis (8 to 15) to talk about new goods or services in telephony or multimedia conferences. For Karl Heinz Rosenbrock, the ETSI CEO, the summit 'will contribute to developing the world recognition of Nice Sophia Antipolis as a technological pole.'The meeting is co-organized by the ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) settled in Sophia Antipolis, with Microsoft, Intel, IMTC, and Tenovis and also with the support of France Telecom. A hundred firms from all over the world and dealing with telecommunication will participate. They will be allowed to test norms validity and at the same time the compatibility with their goods or services to be in the field of telephony or multimedia conferences before they are put on the market.Among the tested standards, there were the H.323 and the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) norms dedicated to voice transfer to the Internet. The ETSI is all the more implicated in the event since the TIPHON Project (Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization over Networks) is about interconnectivity between IP network (Internet Protocol) and the classical telephonic network. Acropolis will then become for a week a gigantic cabled network.The ETSI is already widely known in the telecom field since it is at the premises of several norms used everywhere in the world. The best known: the GSM norm used for mobile telephony. GSM has more than 600 million users throughout the world and is evolving constantly since there is a new user every 4 seconds. The ETSI is now working on the third generation norm (UMTS) that will permit to users to connect to the Internet and to transfer video from a cellular phone.But the ETSI is also working on other norms as DECT for wireless fixed telephony, the DVB norm which allows to connect to the Internet from one's television and several other norms which are used throughout Europe and all over the world.

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