Lemonde.fr : success of mini-dotcoms

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
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/interactif.lemonde.fr/article/0,5611,2865--170476-0,FF.html">'Des petits projets qui gagnent sur le Net': it exists. Whereas in the United-States dotcoms are starting many layoffs and Europe seems touched by the Net-economy backwash, an article in Le Monde(article made in collaboration with BusinessWeek) can raise the Net-entrepreneurs' spirits as well as those who wants to become one of them. 'If the cemetery of Net-companies is getting wider and wider everyday, it is said, there are still some irreducible survivors of the Web : very small companies, which have become some powerful 'mini-dotcoms'. With less than around ten employees and annual sales accounting for less than $5 million, this independent and intrepid companies are succeeding in earning money on Internet, what bigger companies with venture-capital funds have failed to do'.Many US examples are given with a philosophy. What disparate companies have discovered is that Internet is less a path paved with roses towards a new business heaven than an engine able to strengthen a business model already very strong. On the contrary of some dotcoms headed by rookie executives, 'mini-dotcoms' are successful by using the good old strategy implemented by all the bosses of small companies : to remain the niche market that we know best'.

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