L'Express: Monaco is too expansive for French people

Posté jeu 16/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"Will French people who are not very wealthy be evicted from Monaco? Anyway, people who live in one of the 2,000 flats built before September 1st 1947 are threatened to be evicted because they will not be able to face the explosion of prices expected in this sector, which was until now protected by rent restrictions". Roger-Louis Bianchini, in L'Express of August 16th 2001, underlines the consequences of a new Monegasque law which allows the doubling of rents within five years for flats built before 1947 and which allow the owner to take his property back at any time for himself or a member of his family."Monaco is too expansive for French people" even talks about a process of "economic purge", which will particularly affect "French people of Monaco". Their percentage among the Monegasque population has already decreased much in 30 years time (whereas in 1968, they were more than 13,000 and represented 58.28% of the population; now, they are only 10,000, which is less than 32% of inhabitants in the Principality). Moreover, many of them are concerned by the new law…

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