Libé: the Europatweb galaxy

Posté mer 04/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

What does Bernard Arnault make on the Internet? It is the question Laurent Mauriac and Catherine Maussion tried to answer in Libération, through a very well-researched article and dedicated to /">Europatweb, entitled /">Bernard Arnault's new galaxy. We can find the review of this conglomerate of a new gender, the main participations (the start-up of Sophia, Aucland, Liberty Surf which bought out another start-up of Sophia Antipolis,, the great bets (the creation ex nihilo of Zebank, a new Internet bank which is getting late to open) and a reflection on the strategy adopted by a group who took part in the new economy of the French Riviera.You can have a look on the /">list of companies, owned by the Arnault's galaxy on Europatweb's website.

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