Libé : the 'revolutionary' car of Carros

Posté ven 15/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Liberationis focusing on the air-operated car that Guy Nègre, a engine engineer will introduce the production in a factory of Carros. In an article untitled /"> 'Le plein d'air comprimé, SVP', the daily paper is introducing a question without answer. Do we have to be sceptic for a car that works with compressed air (an old process in reality) and that nobody has really tested yet its autonomy and its speed in real conditions ? Or is it the car of the future that is going to be created in Carros? Created in this factory that is going to start its production within a month and that will allow a production of 2000 cars a year? Is it a car industry revolution or a utopia without future? To be continued in 2001.

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