Libé: the X-hackers of France 2 and France

Posté mar 24/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Among the misadventures of the Web, Libération has told what happened to France 2 and France 3. The two public channels are represented on the Net but with ".fr" ( and However, they don't own the overall of their domain names, and particularly the ones with ".com". and were registered by a Russian and until now all attempts to get the two names back have been unsuccessful. The matter didn't get more attention since the websites were not operated.However, everything changed a few days ago as it is written in the article "France 2 and France 3 trapped by pornography". This is because around April 15th, the two domain names were sold out to a South Korean specialised in porno websites. And after that, it was awful! When you click on or, you get a website which has nothing to do with the ethic of French public channels and with the real websites of the two channels at the following addresses: Emergency interim proceedings were instituted. However, on an international scale, it is quite long. And during this time, the X-hackers make the most of the fame of France 2 and France 3…

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