In Libération : the seniors, the companies and Sophia

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In the issue of LibérationJanuary 25th, for the day of mobilization for retirement at 60 years old, an article about seniors and companies in which is mentioned the experience conducted in Sophia Antipolis with the creation of the 'Deuxième vie' society (Second Life) ( /"> 'Seniors non grata dans les entreprises'). Paradoxically, in the new economy, people are beginning to think about the professional future of those over 50, it is written. Most of them are executives. These employees are appreciated because of their background, their knowledge in operating systems which sometimes aren't taught at school any more. Thus, these seniors are hired as sector consultants, network architects, development tutors.It is also written that in Sophia Antipolis has just been created Deuxième Vie, a society which aims at helping 50 year old executives in their occupational projects. Within the innovation centre in Nice. 'Today, at 55, you still have between twenty-five and thirty years to live, it's out of question to content oneself with a vegetative activity, Dominique Pagès, the founder of the society, says. The objective is to create a new social contract between the company and seniors. We could say some 'emplois-vieux' (jobs for experienced people as opposed to 'emplois-jeunes', jobs for young people)', the two writers add. Such an expression won't please the society members for sure.

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