Libération : the seven problems of the telecom sector

Posté lun 25/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The daily newspaper Libération in its edition of Thursday June 21st focused on the crisis which shakes the telecom sector at the moment. In an article "The seven problems in the telecom sector", the newspaper tries to understand the disaster which strikes the sector. What are the seven problems ? The collapse of the stock exchange which depreciates operators; the slowdown of the telephone mobile market which surprised everyone, the technologic frenzy which imposed a strict timing; the debit of States through UTMS licences; the incredible supplier’s credit which lead manufacturers to sell at very little price to operators for the evolution of the GSM network to the GPRS; an eyewash deregulation and last point, an overabundant optical fiber. That’s why, according to the survey of Libération, the situation, which was ideal before, got worse…

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