Libertysurf climbs again in the Stock Exchange

Posté ven 20/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Libertysurf works hard to climb up in the Stock Exchange. Highly in troubles since Sept. 26 (the security had lost more than the half of its value), the Internet access supplier, which also owns the Sophipolitan start-up, tries to reassure about its financial health. On Friday, Oct. 20, the supplier paid to have ads about it published in several daily newspapers to claim that now 'the group is a strong one, which had on June 30, 2000, accounts of more than 2.3 billion francs, enough to continue its development'. The day before, on Thursday, 19, the CEO Pierre Besnaimou had denied in the French daily newspaper Libération the rumors about a potential purchase.The strategy seemed to be profitable since on Friday, the security was gaining about 10% at 11:30 am. It climbed up to 13.28 euros, whereas at the beginning of the week, the security amount was under 10 euros. The 41 euros at the time of its introduction in the Stock Exchange last March and the 79 ones just after are still far, but everything is possible.

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