On-line ads : 500 million francs in France in 2000

Posté ven 12/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

On-line advertising is rising very fast. The Forrester Institute (650 sites analysed in Europe) thinks that it will be up to $71 million (500 million francs) in France in 2000, according to figures mentioned by Toutsurlacom.com. Obviously, it has to be compared with the on-line advertisement expenditures worldwide which will reach 6.5 billion francs this year (they doubled compared with 1999). But eventually, France is not so badly ranked in Europe (a total of $621 million of on-line ads in 2000) : only Germany ($202 million) and Great-Britain ($117 million) are before France.Best advisers in France : a women's site (Aufeminin.com) and the bank (BNP) which are struggling for the first rank and which have spent more than 1 million francs for on-line advertisement in October and in November.

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