On-line information : HappyMonaco.com gets wider

Posté ven 05/01/2001 - 00:00
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First lifting for the Monegasque on-line information portal; Happy becomes a 'culture and people' magazine, while Monaco-infos.com deals with the current events in real time.

The Monegasque on-line information portal renews. The Web site www.happymonaco.comhas widened. Now, two distinct sites are functioning in the same time with links (both sites are launched by Monaco Telecom Multimédia, a 51% branch of Cegetel, as the other 49% remain to the Monegasque State).Both sites linked one to each otherThe on-line newspaper www.monaco-infos.com, which opened on Friday October 27th, becomes a full site. It deals with the Monegasque current events in real time. The international news are covered by wires and photos of the Reuters agency (in the past, Bruno Aubry, the new chief-editor was a correspondent for Reuters in the South of France).'This new media, which is a result of the successful experience led on the Net by the first version of Happy Monaco which has been put on-line on May 3rd 2000, is now an adulte',says Bruno Aubry in its editorial. In order to be more efficient, clearer and easier to read, the new programme offers two sites : Monaco-Infos and Happy Monaco.' 'Linked one to each other, they propose a complete range of Monegasque current events, Happy is dedicated to the magazine, and Monaco-Infos delivers the news as they comes, good ones or bad ones'.Moreover, Monaco-Infos, in a practical way, has opened on the great Monegasque demonstration of Thursday about the 35 hours law (between 2.500 and 4.00 people) launched by Monegasque employees.A team of 32 peopleThe second site, the HappyMonaco one, will come back after a first deep 'lifting'. It will open with a new presentation, a more sober one, on November 1st 2000. It will be more particularly dedicated to the ' culture and people' side of the Principality with cultural and artistic events, the celebrities, the congress, etc.Monaco Telecom Multimedia wasn't afraid of the cost of such an entrance on the Internet world. More than thirty people work for both sites and the associated services of hosting and of creation of e-business sites : 9 journalists (two for Happy, four for the information, two the image service and one chief editor); 13 for the development service which works for both sites but as well for other sites; seven marketing men and three administrative people.

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