Live conference and chat on the Net: Linux Azur breaks new ground !

Posté mer 17/10/2001 - 00:00
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The association of Linux users from the Riviera is organising an exceptional conference on Saturday October 27th and announces a new wave of interactive conferences.

The Linux Azur association is organising an exceptional conference on Saturday October 27th, 2.00 pm. The particular interest is not the theme of the conference (Python, a programming language), but its diffusion. Organised in the premises of the Kheops France company, in Cagnes-sur-mer (17, chemin des travails), the conference will broadcasted live on the Internet (MP3 format) ! Moreover, a chat will be set up on the Linux Azur website ( so that the audience can react live and ask their questions.Thus, thanks to a software as Winamp (under Windows), RealPlayer or even xmms (under Linux), it will be possible to listen live to the debates ! Linux Azur will use Kheops France's ADSL link to send the flow towards the streaming server. The latter is gracefully put at the association's disposal (as well as the bandwidth) by the Computer Resources Center of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and the Medical Faculty. As far as the sound flow diffusion software is concerned, the association stays "free" with Icecast.And what about Python ( This is an interpret, interactive, object-oriented programming language, often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or even Java. Python is under a copyright but it is a free language, even for a commercial use (the licence plans the possibility to sell it). In this sense, it is compatible with the GPL licence and is considered as an Open Source.

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