Loft Story: Le Monde publishes the contract

Posté mer 09/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A document in the on-line version of the newspaper Le Monde: the publication of the contract which links the eleven "actors" of Loft Story, the French "Big Brother" of M6, to the ASP productions company. "The Loft Story participants'contract " then shows what's behind the "psycho date game" which has made the PAF (French broadcasting scene) in turmoil. A few unknown details of the "rules of the game" are then revealed, as the fact that it won't be possible for the candidate to discuss the decisions or information of the ASP or that the final gift to the winning couple (the "dream house" worth 3 million francs) will only be given at the end of six months of life together, and also filmed live. You also have to read the point of view of specialists in legal matters concerning this contract, which is a bit out of the ordinary.

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