M-Pixel, award of the best mobile Internet application

Posté mer 07/11/2001 - 00:00
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The start-up of Sophia, m-Pixel, received the award of the best mobile Internet application at the occasion of the Evening of telecom which was an important event through the Week of Telecom and Networks in Paris, at the end of October. During this ceremony, several awards, which are real innovation labels, were given to the most outstanding actors for the year 2001. A jury gathering important persons in the telecom sector (associations, professional trade unions) gave the awards. The M-Pixel Company was given the award for the "Best Mobile Internet Application" category for its i2v product suite. It is an office suite allowing to offer efficient applications for images and more particularly on the mobile Internet since the processed images are "light".These software allow to view i2v images in optimum quality and rapidity conditions. Moreover, the user can browse through i2v images available on the Web or on a i2v server. It can also zoom (in and out) and you can thus have a maximum resolution. It is possible to move them (panning) at your convenience or to optimise your connection time using the progressive transmission. The founder Patrick Haddad designed the M-Pixel technology from the principle of wavelets. It is already used by the AFP (Agence France Presse) and was integrated in Mondo, the new phone GSM - GPRS + personal assistant designed by Mitsubishi.

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