The magazine Capital launches

Posté mer 07/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Web is starting in the economic information. Besides the classical magazines as 'Les Echos', 'La Tribune', other actors are entering the market. Thus, M6 puts forward their new website /">, that they define as a website of all economiesand where find its programme, 'Capital', can be find as well as the Stock Exchange, advices for everyday life, etc. A new powerful comer was announced : the magazine, 'Capital', owned by the group Prisma Presse, which will open its Internet website at the address /"> February 5th 2001 (we can only find the presentation of the magazine and the main headings of the current issue for now). The website, which is not going to duplicate the magazine, was created as an interactivity place, first of all, coming in complementarity with the paper. Readers could react to the surveys published thanks to the chats, forums or by e-mail, of course. Many services will be offered as a property evaluation (sale and rental) in 1000 French cities, a law and fiscal guide, etc. To be continued from Monday.

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