Marineland :inauguration for its 30th anniversary

Posté mer 18/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The building works of the biggest killer whale basin are coming to an end for Marineland in Antibes. The French “seaworld” (1.2 million visitors per year, 170 full time employees, turnover of 120 million francs) cannot miss the stake. They have invested 130 million francs in a giant basin (44.000 m3 of sea water, 12 m of depth), equipped with a glass face of 64 meter long and a height of almost 5 meters and stands of 3.600 spectators. This equipment, which should allow Marineland to reach a new stage, will be inaugurated next June 24th. An inauguration which will happen in the same time as the 30th anniversary…

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