The 'Marks' in France mobilize at the European scale

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The decision of justice which was given on Monday ( Marks & Spencer's social plan suspension by Paris' county court) gave back dynamism to French employees, including the 87 employees of the store in Nice. Marks & Spencer's unions have decided to all mobilize. Thus they will join to Danone's employees and are organizing a common demonstration in Paris, April 12th. However, it is on the European scale that the French employees wish to act since the closure, decided by the management of Marks & Spencer's group, doesn't only strikes the 18 stores in France but also 20 other stores through Europe (Belgium, Spain and Germany).Moreover, the organization of a 'European demonstration' was confirmed yesterday (Tuesday April 10th), in connection with the European unions. It will take place in London, on the first two weeks in May. It is then planned to create an association allowing to collect funds in order to finance an 'employment train' which will transport the 'Marks' in London. Concerning the group's management, if it didn't renounce to the closure, it is late in the implementing of its plan: the first consulting meeting can't take place before the beginning of May, according to the legal procedure.

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