Marks & Spencer: the anger of employees in Nice

Posté mar 10/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The 'Marks' in Nice demonstrated on Friday on the avenue Jean Médecin, in front of their establishment, as the employees of the 17 other French stores owned by the British group. The anger follows the shock, after the decision taken by the management to close on December 31st 2001 the overall of stores out of Great Britain and Ireland. This decision is considered as 'sudden and delinquent' and they are really decided to fight against it. Besides, the French justice has to give its verdict on Monday April 9th on a possible hindrance offence which could be committed by Marks & Spencer France during the announcement procedure of the restructuring plan to the employees (they learnt it in the press).Luc Vandevelde, president of the group since February 2000, however estimated that concerning the closure, that it was the 'only decision which had sense'and that it won't be challenged. The social plan should be presented on Tuesday April 10th, whereas since the closure was announced: more than 140% in turnover for Nice's store at the same period last year!

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