Marseilles to open its Internet Grande Ecole

Posté jeu 19/04/2001 - 00:00
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Called “Internet advanced applications Institute”, the institution has been created judicially. It is headed by two persons from Sophia Antipolis, Pierre Conruyt and Claude Guéguen.

The creation had been announced in May 2000 by Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. The Internet Grande Ecole which was expected to open in Marseilles has been judicially created last week. As soon as newt September, they will welcome their first class composed of about fifty members. They will recruited among students who hold a scientific master degree (computer science, mathematics, applied physics) or economic sciences master degree. Two years of formation will allow them to be graduated from an Internet engineer diploma. Specializations are planned in e-business, “intelligent” transport (embarked computer) or e-services (services which make the company management easier).Two famous personalities from Sophia Antipolis, Pierre Conruyt, the former regional delegate of France Telecom and the former president of the Sophia Antipolis Managers Club, and Claude Guéguen, the former director of the Eurécom Institute, have managed the creation of this new Grande Ecole. This institution will be managed like EIG (Economic interest group) by the GET (Groupe des Ecoles de télécommunications), under the authority of the Industry Department , allied with four universities from Provence (the three universities of Aix-Marseilles and the one of Avignon).The permanent premises (8.000 m2) will be delivered in 2003 (we talk about premises downtown or on the Château Gombert). Provisory premises should be affected soon, while the recrutment is under way for around forty professors and around twenty administratives. As for the Eurécom Institute, they have scheduled a large partenership with the industrial world. France Telecom and Bouygues Telecom have already ensure the Ecole with their support. The graduation classes should grow progressively to reach around hundred students in September 2002, 150 in 2003 and 300 students on the middle run.

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