Masters of Finance at the CERAM : average salaries of 200 KF

Posté mar 19/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

'Our graduates in Masters of Finance are easily recruited, either on a national or an international scale. Most of them are employed before being available, with an average wage of 200 KF. It is impressive : about one graduate in MS of International Engineering and Management of Property out of three is working within the region : the French Riviera and Monaco that represent the second financial market after Paris in terms of registration and management of the Property.'Armand Gihand, the Nice French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry's vice-chairman wished to underline this fact during the graduation celebration for the 56 students of the course 2000 in Master of Finance. The degrees have been granted at the CERAM by the promoter of the course, Christian Noyer, vice-chairman of the B.C.E (European Central Bank).A conference on the subject of the 'evolution of financial markets in the Euro zone' was also in the programme. A few days after the Conference of the European heads of states in Nice, students and companies of the region had the chance to share the viewpoint of the BCE representative and to debate on the Euro. According to Christain Noyer, 'the economic and financial conditions that Europe benefits thanks to the Euro open new investment prospects, make industrial restructuring easier and favours a normal competition between economic agents, within an enlarged market.

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