MBA : Theseus in the European ?Top ten?

Posté mer 28/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Theseus Institute in Sophia Antipolis remains in the “Top Ten” of the European MBA. The classification made in January by the Financial Times ranks Theseus 10th in Europe (and 67th worldwide). Theseus is even part of the worldwide “Top ten” in a classification which takes into account the international mobility of students. In France, the INSEAD comes first (7th worldwide), followed by the HEC (52nd worldwide) and the ESCP (61st worldwide). Three American schools rank among the first: Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), Harvard and Stanford. The classification of the F.T was made according to the former students’ salaries over three years (an average of 150 000 dollars annually for Wharton and 80 000 dollars for Theseus).

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