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Posté mar 03/10/2000 - 00:00
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Launched a long time after Le Monde or Libération, Le Figaro group opened on Monday its news site on the web. A new newspaper online that wants to be a full media.

Le Figaro was one of the latest Paris big daily newspapers not to be really present on the Internet. Since October, 2nd, a new information site has appeared: Le Figaro's, the group has realized a very nice and dynamic site which is different from its paper edition. A 15 journalists' team was formed and is dedicated to the newspaper online with an up-dating 24 hours a day.Three big columns are proposed for the moment: Today, Economy, Living Art. And each column, as a tree branch, proposes multi under-themes (free time, gastronomy, tourism, fashion, house…). A little place reserved for special news is in each page and permits to be informed in real time of any important new event. Links have been established with Paris Avenue, Figaro's city magazine. Little innovation: an icons system that indicates files, links, documents, biography… has benefited from online press experiences in the world. The site wants to be a full media and the group has announced the site would be fulfilled with novelties time to time. It is planned to add video sequences, possible consultation of mobiles and PDAs…

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