Medias : RMC wants to become a national radio

Posté mar 27/02/2001 - 00:00
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The southern people‘s radio wants to grow up. Headed by Alain Weill, the former general manager of NRJ, the radio bets on the proximity information and the interactive talk-shows concept in order to increase threefold the audience.

Through the voice of its new boss Alain Weill (ex-GM of NRJ), RMC has announced it yet : RMC willl bet on the proximity information and the american concept of talk-shows in order to increase the audience. On Tuesday February 6th, this recovery concept has been detailed. The RMC program has been elaborated on the rhythm of news report every quarter of hour from 5.00 am to 8.00 pm. Between those reports, some “hot” subjects will be tackled during peak listening hour while talk-shows, which would leave a great place to the audience, will fill the other hours about subjects as the daily life, current events, economy, sports, etc.Moreover this program has already been set up since the beginning of the week in Ile de France. It will be spread to the whole territory at the rhythm of one local station per month (Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, etc). The first local program will be organized from February 20th.The objective is to build a national radio, which wouldn’t be only the southern radio any more, even if they want to reinforce the interactivity and to stay geographically close to the audience. In order to reach that goal, about thirty journalists will be hire. The new owner, the Nextradio company (35 % Alain Weill, 65 % investment funds Alpha Radio BV) with the Monaco Principality really wanted to achieve these ambitions. They have invested 150 million francs and they want the radio, endowed with a budget of 120 million francs (18.2 million euros), to be stable and to have increase threefold the audience (2.2 points for the moment) within three years. What a big challenge !

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