Up-merger: to sell and buy start-ups

Posté ven 22/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

At the CICA, Sophia, Up-e, which puts in relation project bearers and investors, has followed start-ups' evolution and proposes with up-merger a platform for mergers-purchases.

Up-e is taking off. The 'start-up of the start-ups', launched in Sophia Antipolis by Christophe Dupont, creator of Respublica with Olivier Mercoli had as a goal to help project bearers to find a financing. Thaks to the web site www.up-e.com, start-ups creators can meet investors. With Up-merger whose registered office is also at the CICA, Sophia, Christophe Dupont and Olivier Mercoli are going further on. From the Internet platform www.up-merger.com, a start-up purse has been opened, which allow to the ones who want to sell or to buy a site, a firm or another start-up to be put in relation with sellers or buyers.Then, after having been interested in project bearers at their first stage, Up-e is following start-ups in their evolution stages and now is interested in mergers-purchases. 'Up-merger is only the continuation of Up-e, it is noticed on the site. Up-merger keeps on following the start-ups of the future! We only wish to complete our supply among investors and bring new services to creators'.In relation with the activity of money given to start-ups, Up-merger proposes a great deal of services: up-job in partnership with jobpilot, up-shop, up-communication. Useful links can be exploited for general purchases, communication campaigns; and information about meetings and events, venture-capital. Sellers and buyers who are interested in have to fulfill a paper to precise if they want to sell or to buy.

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