Microsoft: the present from George W. to Bill (

Posté ven 07/09/2001 - 00:00
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"Le cadeau de George W. Bush à Bill Gates" (The present from George W. to Bill): this is how comments the good news that Microsoft has just received. The world leader of software won’t be divided in several parts. They won’t have to serve the serious sentence of dismantlement. The Justice Department and the 18 American states have indeed decided to abandon a six year long process full of battles and events. George W. Bush have always said that he wasn’t in favour of this dismantlement solution. The current crisis of computer sciences has really convinced him.“If the abandon of the dismantlement was foreseeable, it was surprising to see that the US government has also abandoned accusations on a very contested practice of Microsoft, the bundling, which consists in integrating software in its Windows operating system”, says. Microsoft is not clean for justice yet. The software giant will have to undergo business restrictions in the future. But they can now relax: they have won the main battle.

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