A MidemNet for the opening of the Midem

Posté mar 05/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Midem, the great international meeting of music in Cannes, has been focusing on the Internet phenomenom for already two years. This year, the MidemNet will take place one day before the opening of the show, that is to say on January 20th (the Midem will last from january 21st to 25th in the palais des festivals). Of course, the future of the distribution of music on Internet will be discussed throughout six conferences and keynotes. Technologies, marketing, laws, business models will be reviewed. A complete panorama on the Net phenomenom which is revolutionizing the music industry : that’s what promised the complete progam that you will find on the /www.midem.com/midemnet-prog.html"> midem.comsite.

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