Milia : live, the problems of Napster with the law

Posté mer 14/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

On Monday February 12th, 6.00 pm, the Milia in Cannes, which represents a real resonance chamber of the multimedia industry, will pass on the San Francisco Court of Appeals decision which will be available on the Internet site /"> The existence of Napster will, once again, depend on the Court of Appeals which has been referred to and which could order the, temporary or definitive, closure of this music exchange site.As soon as Saturday, Andreas Schmidt, the president of Berttelsmann E-commerce, who took part to the 'Think Tank Summit' (a video intervention), declared that his group 'has committed itself to support Napster'. Actually, Bertelsmann allied with Napster in November 2000. Andreas Schmidt confirmed to the Milia participants that the share of musical files won't disappear. 50 million navigators, who have downloaded the software, are concerned by the future of Napster…

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