MIPCOM in Cannes: lights on real TV

Posté mar 09/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

On the MIPCOM website, in the intro, a “window” reminds us the tragic events of September 11th and announces that the audiovisual programs show will take place with nevertheless an increased security. But the event of this year, with the coming of famous American studios to the exhibition in Cannes, is likely to be altered by the World Trade Center drama, as, at the moment, Americans are limiting their flights as much as possible. But, although the American focus is likely to be more limited than what was planned, there will be talks about real TV. After the LoftStory wave, this audiovisual concept also hits France. Moreover, from October 8th to 10th, there will be as well a series of conferences attached to the MIPNET, a specific cycle which allows people to assess the impact of digital technologies on TV.Last year, the previous MIPCOM show gathered 11.789 participants, representing 2.918 companies from 89 countries while 1.189 exhibiting companies over 494 stands had provided their programs to 2.891 buyers. This year, such figures will not probably be reached because of events.

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