Mobile Internet: how much does the GPRS cost for the English user

Posté ven 08/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

What will the price of the GPRS ? how much does the user will have to pay for the successor of the dead WAP, the second generation Internet which will allow to wait easily for the coming of the third generation mobile telephony, the UMTS one ? A price range has been given through the business battle which has just started in Great-Britain. The mobile first. British Cellnet offers in its pack a Motorola for 200 pounds (around 2.200 francs), while its competitor Vodaphone sells the same phone for 100 pounds (1.100 francs). then, the package: the two challengers remains close with a monthly tariff of 7.99 pounds at Cellnet and 7.49 pounds at Vodaphone, that is to say less than 90 francs for both of them.The GPRS has also the advantage of including the exchange costs in the package, while the current WAP fixes the prices per consultation. Every minute of connection is paid like a minute of conversation and as the WAP is very slow, it is very expensive… In France, while the first GPRS marketing in companies will begin in June, the offer for the general public is not scheduled to open before the end of the year and the beginning of last year.

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