Mobile : a start-up from Sophia on the 4G niche

Posté mer 28/03/2001 - 00:00
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A Brand New World, specialized in mobile Internet, has presented their 4G terminals, a technology which combines GSM, wireless local networks and PDA (personal assistant) at the Cebit in Hanover.

A Brand New World, a Swedish start-up recently set up at the CICA (International Center for Advanced Communications) in Sophia, has just realized a first by marketing 4G terminals (fourth generation) while the 3G (UMTS) is only scheduled for 2003-2004. According to Jens Malmgren, the general manager France of the company, this is not utopian. Still, the announce needs to be explained.4G terminals are based on a combination of WLAN and GSM and set up in an integrated module intended to PDAs. In clearer words, they envisaged the combination of cellular networks, the famous GSM, with the future WLANs (Wireless Local Area Network) that scandinavian countries are setting up and which offer broadband Internet in determined zones (hot spots like downtowns, company premises). These new systems are set up in a module integrated intended to PDAs, the Personal Digital Assistants like the Palm Pilot, the Visor or the Ipaqof Compaq (the first 4G modules have developed on this latter model).'the combination of GSM and of wireless local networks allows to reach transfer rates of 11 megabits/s in downtown and company's hot spots,says Jens Malmgren (9.6 kilobits for the current Wap and 38.4 Kbits for the first 3G mobiles). This technology allows for example to surf with a wireless broadband and for cheaper price while talking in a telephone via an integrated GSM module.'As for A Brand New World, which presented its new product in demonstration at the Cebit of Hanover, the 4G technology opens the way to numerous services intended to mobile people. Maybe something to forget the flop of then Wap...

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