Monaco: Bluetooth's big worldwide meeting

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More than 2,000 specialists coming from 39 countries will focus from June 5th to 8th on the revolutionary electronic chip which allows to communicate wireless. It is the worldwide Bluetooth meeting. For the Bluetooth Congress, which will take place from June 5th to 8th at the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco, about 2,000 specialists coming from 39 countries are expected. An exhaustive programme of conferences was elaborated in order to review the state of the art concerning this revolutionary chip which allows to link wireless the overall of your equipment, PC, personal assistant, printers, mobile phones, etc… As many as 160 contributors will evoke all the applications already planned, develop the perspectives of use and will deal with the last software launched.A few big names will be present too. Nicolas Negroponte, the founder of M.I.T Media Labs will particularly open with the role of new wireless technologies for the mobile Internet in the future. Representatives of the biggest worldwide companies which have been working for a few years on Bluetooth and on mobiles will bring the fruits of their experiences, from IBM to 3Com, HP, Intel, Philips, Ericsson, or Nokia.Many companies in Sophia working on Bluetooth will obviously be included as Conexant, Widcomm, Philips semiconductor, Texas Instruments, New Logic. Many of them have also planned demonstrations and presentations. Thus Conexant will announce a new Bluetooth system solution to the lowest consumption of energy, ideal for applications which need a battery power. This solution will ease the rapid development of Bluetooth equipment and will then provide to users a universal « wireless gateway » for voice and data applications, as it is noted in a press release.An exhibition three times bigger than the one that was organized last year will allow to discover new equipments whereas an “incubator” space will be dedicated to new companies which emerge with Bluetooth technology. The meeting will also be entirely opened for supporters of Bluetooth, a technology which had already been the star of the last Comdex of Las Vegas in November 2000.ContactSee the organizer’s website,

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