Monaco Business Awards winners

Posté mer 30/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Two firms were awarded by the Monaco Business Awards that were given on June 29th in Monaco. Meat Trading International which deals with 80,000 tons of meat a year worldwide for an 1,8 billion franc sales volume (exports from the Netherlands, South America, USA, Europe, and imports towards Italy and Spain, via Monaco). Meat Trading International was awarded for having settled a tracing system via the Web. The system allows to find the origin, the producer and all the data about the slaughtering of any piece of meat. With the mad cow, it gives to the dealer and to the consumer the possibility to know perfectly all the data of the meat bought.The other awarded firm was SIAMP, a firm which manufactures sanitary technical goods (a 132 million franc turnover and 120 employees). SIAMP, leader on the French market (30% of market share) wants to reach the third rank in the world. The firm has made registered several patents.

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