Monaco : the business Charter in difficulty

Posté mer 07/03/2001 - 00:00
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Initiated in May, the Excellence Charter allowed the signatory concerns to open continuously, among other parts. A pressing recommendation, which on the field, didn't have much result.

Signing a business Charter is easier than assuming it. That's what we can deduce from the first assessment of the Monegasque business Excellence Charter comity, a document signed by 260 shopkeepers last May. This Charter had been launched by two business associations : the UCAM (Union des commerçants et artisans de Monaco; Union of shopkeepers and craftsman in Monaco) and the Qualité Monaco association. They wanted to re-energise business in Monaco which wanted to be as full of energy as business and tourist pole of Saint-Tropez, Juan-les-Pins or Cannes.Among the articles of the Charter, article 2 about the 'excellence in the availability' was presented as the 'keystone' of the whole system. So, they have scheduled 'the opening from Monday to Saturday, exceptional opening of the business area during some Sundays or public holidays, continuous working hours during springtime and summertime…'The last point in particular was a source of problem. Pierre Brezzo, the president of the UCAM, has noticed that some street concerns were not open during lunch time despite their commitments.More availability required new working hours and recruitments. But of 40% signatories were a little bit reluctant to achieve it. Still, the Charter comity doesn't give up. They will encourage continuous opening by increasing advertisement for those who made the effort and will commit themselves in a re-mobilization of troops for the next season that will start in April 2000.

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