Monaco cancels the prologue of 'The race'

Posté mer 13/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The prologue of The race won't occur in Monaco; this non-stop race with no crew, no support and no limits, is a real challenge which has been done by Bruno Peyron, the organizer who greatly crossed oceans several times. The Principality, which has invest 10 million francs to be starting place of the event, has had to cancel this prologue because of bad weather. Meteorological conditions did not allow the boat which were still in the English Channel or in the Atlantic Ocean to rejoin the Mediterranean sea.In order to limit the 'financial loss' ( the organization budget is around 150 million francs hopes all kind of spin-off), the two closest boats from the Mediterranean sea, Club Med and Innovation Explorer, could confront each other in Marseilles this week-end, because of the cancellation in Monaco. However the programme of the race, which is confronted to many other accidental cases than meteorological ones (most of the competitors are not ready), has not been modified for the moment : the start is still announced to occur on December 31st 2000 in Barcelona. As it was scheduled.

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