Monaco at the Council of Europe : dead-end

Posté ven 23/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The admission of Monaco to the Council of Europe seems still so problematic. The demand, issued two years and half ago, is still blocked on the question of the reform of the electoral law. That's what the Monegasque authorities have been told by the two members of the Parliament in charge of the case, the Estonian Kristiina Ojuland (a member of the political commission of the Council of Europe) and the British Lord KirKhill (a member of the judicial commission).On the one hand, Europe thinks that current election on a majority basis doesn't allow the Opposition to be represented, which is contrary to European democratic principles. The reform of this electoral law is a prerequisite to admission. On the other hand, the National Council of the Principality has confirmed to the recorders that they refuse to modify the form of ballot. As the two positions remains firm and opposed, the admission has reach a dead-end.

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