Monaco at the Council of Europe : new meetings

Posté mer 07/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Three months after the elaboration of the legal report on the Principality, two members of the Council of Europe will be in Monaco on Monday and Tuesday, in the framework of the membership application of the Principality to a European institution that gathers 49 countries. Kristina Ojuland, an Estonian member of the commission of political matters, and Lord Kirkhill, a British member of the commission of legal matters and rights of man, will have a very busy planning. They will meet the main economic and social actors of the Principality and will end with an interview with the Sovereign Prince and Prince Albert.This is a second series of meetings. They will end with the writing of a new report hand in to members of the two commissions. These two commissions will put forward an opinion that will be sent to the Comity of ministers in charge of fixing the conditions of membership of the Principality. Don't forget that the legal report on the Principality, a thirty page document, schedules among others, a reform of the Franco-Monegasque treaty of 1930 (a post of State minister is reserved to a French person), the right of initiative of laws for the National Council, the responsibility of the government as opposed to a national Council that could overthrow it, etc…

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