Monaco : the death of the banker Edmond Safra elucidated

Posté mer 21/03/2001 - 00:00
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The Russian way was envisaged. The mysteryseemed complete : how had two men, according to the testimony of the injured male nurse, been able to get in Edmond Safra's bunker-flat, at the ultimate roof of a rich-looking building in Monaco ? this real thriller even risked to darken the security image linked to the Principlaity. However, on Monday December 6th, the case of the death by asphyxia of one of the richest bankers in the world has been elucidated. Or at least, according to some observers who remains doubtful, a guilty has been found and an official version has been given. After these precautions taken, it seems that the American male nurse, Ted Maher, whose testimonies contradicted each others, has made a full confession. He declared he has simulated an aggression in order to take revenge on the chief-nurse who kept Edmond Safra and her working methods as well as to increase his standing to his boss.Ted Maher, 41, who has been hired five months ago and declared to be very well paid with a wage of about 3.000 francs a day, has confessed that he set the garbage can on fire to cause the alarm. That's as well what has caused the arson in the apartment, an arson which has caused the asphyxia of Edmond Safra and his nurse who had taken refuge in the bathroom. The male nurse has been accused of 'arson having led to the death' and consigned to the Monaco prison.

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