Monaco: golden business angels

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The third Rencontres Internationales (International Meetings), in October 5 and 6 will gather together a hundred of European business angels. Interactive and discreet debates…

What are the themes which disturb the most wealthy business angels? Answer in the program of the third Rencontres Internationales, which will take place in October 5 and 6 at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. For the four interactive forums reserved to some people only, four themes will be developed: Business models: what the most profitable will be? Networks: are they ready to react in Europe? Incubators: partners or competitors? Means to turn Business Angels professional.Jerry Yang among the dinner-debate guestsThese meetings are aimed at all the international business angels. They were created in 1998 thanks to Gildo Pallanca Pastor from NeurAssociés and thanks to the help of the weekly magazine Le Revenu. The main aim: allow them to exchange their experience with other private investors, to supply them with tools to set up their project and investment selection techniques, to ensure a permanent warning about current events of business angels in Europe and throughout the world.About one hundred of 'providential investors', among the most active in Europe will take part in the debates, exchanges of experience and forums organized during both days. One of the main points will be the dinner-debate on October 5th at Hôtel de Paris with three famous experts: Denis Ettighoffer, President Founder of Eurotechnopolis Institut and writer of 'e-business generation'; Marc Guillaume, sociologist and a specialist in behavior face to the NTICs and Joseph Coates, an American prospectivist and president of Coates and Jarratt Inc. And, during the dinner some personalities of the new economy will be present like Jerry Yang for example, one of the founders of Yahoo. The four interactive forums will take place the day after, all day long at the Grimaldi Forum.The Rencontres will be accessible, only with an invitation and freely, to the business angels selected by the organizational committee and according to the available places, a release has said. For further information: business-angels.orgContacts:Rencontres Claire Lesrel: 01 44 16 86 96

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