Monaco has inaugurated its call centre

Posté lun 19/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

On Monday, May 22nd, from 6 pm, Monaco will celebrate an event in the hotel de Paris : the inauguration of its new call centre. Settled in the Gildo Pastor Centre building, in the Fontvielle area, the centre will have about forty sets. At the Cegetel service, (since June 1999, the Vivendi subsidiary has got the major part of the capital of Monaco Telecom), it will back the e-commerce via Internet. It will deal with supplying a support customers and a commercial assistance for presales and post-sales. The recruitment level is about 3 or 4 years' higher education (to start, around forty people are required).Therefore, the aim is to offer a commercial contact trough the voice and the image to the clientele (web surfers, mobile users, credit agencies, competent agencies, etc). The assistance will be operated at all levels. For instance, it will deal with helping someone who has just bought a computer and who does not know how to use it. The first role of the call centre is to accompany the customers in the maze of electronics, to develop a customer loyalty, to give them information and, if the case arises, to sell further services. The call centre should go on extending, and it also constitutes a main element of the Monaco strategy to enter economy…

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