Monaco: inauguration of its call centre

Posté ven 12/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

On Monday May 22nd from 6.00 PM, Monaco Telecom will celebrate an event at the hotel of Paris : the inauguration of its new call centre. Set up in Gildo Pastor Center building, located in the Fontvielle district, this centre will gather about forty positions. In the service of Cegetel (Vivendi's subsidiary is the majority in Monaco Telecom's capital since June 1999), it will enforce the e-business via Internet. It is a matter of providing an aid to customers and a commercial before-sale and after-sale assistance. The recruitment levels (about forty people for the start) aim candidates with 2 or 3 years' higher education.The aim is to offer customers (Internet and mobile users, credit and insurance institutions, etc) a commercial contact by voice and image. The assistance will be exercised on all levels. For example, the staff will have to help a customer who has just bought a computer and who doesn't know how to use it. The first target of the call centre is to assit the customer in the technological maze, to build the customer's loyalty, to give him information and if there's a need, sell additional services.The call centre, that may grow is an essential component in Monaco's strategy to enter the e-economy…

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